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About Us

We understand.

Being in college and far away from home can be hectic and helpless. You are constantly trying to stay on top of things, take control of your life and learn adulting on college campus. However, sometimes, life does not make this goal easy to achieve. Choosing a new dorm for yourself is definitely one of those scenarios. Imagine you look forward to a brand-new school year, wishing to find a place on campus that is better than the housing situation this year. Time comes. You get a housing lottery number. You tried to do your research online but there is only limited information. You asked around but friends give you various opinions. Housing selection time is coming around but you still do not have an ideal place to choose.
You are freaking out!

Don't worry! We got you covered!

On Ratemycollegedorm.com, we provide a platform for college students to rate and review their campus dorms. Here, you can obtain 100% real information about college students' living experience in your future dorms. Within each comment, students are able to upload images of inside room for prospective students to view and consider. In the meantime, you can upload pictures, comment as well as giving a rating for your past or current dorms. Sounds good? Why don't we get you started?